2019 Best of the Best

Blogging definitely slowed down a bunch in 2019. Trying to balance motherhood, teaching and blogging has been tough, but I’m so thankful for the posts I have been able to write, and so thankful for all of your support. It means the WORLD to me that you stop by and catch up on the blog.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorites from 2019 including travels, recipes, date nights, projects, kid milestones and more.

So here it goes…

Best Date Nights and Couples Getaway

My most favorite date night was our Weekend Staycation In Tampa, FL. Joey and I gifted each other experiences for Christmas 2018 and this was his gift to me. He gave me tickets to see The Hugh Jackman Greatest Showman Tour. It was amazing.

Another favorite was our Valentine’s Day double date with some of our dearest friends. This was my gift to Joey.

Best Family Vacations

Our road trip this summer was wonderful. We stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge in Georgia and then made our way to Asheville. I LOVED the Great Wolf Lodge, but the Asheville part really wasn’t a fave. It’s probably why I never blogged it. It just wasn’t much there for the girls to do.

Back to the favorites… This summer the girls and I also stayed with my parents at the beach for a few days and had a blast. They both love the beach!

Favorite Recipes

I realized I didn’t share a lot of recipes in 2019, hoping to get better at that this year. These salted caramel chews are my favorite and this smashed roasted potatoes recipe is another favorite.

New Member to the Family (Fur Baby)

We welcomed Bella to the family. She is an Australian Labradoodle and she’s absolutely perfect for our family!

Favorite Finds

My husband and I started taking this vitamin C supplement and we have seen a BIG difference in our wellness. Anytime the girls are sick, or it’s flu season, or we start to feel sick we double up on these. Otherwise we take one a day. They’re expensive but totally worth feeling good and not having to pay a $50 copay every time we’re sick, which was VERY OFTEN before my friend shared this with me.

I also found a knock of version of thieves oil on amazon and have really enjoyed it. It has thousands of awesome reviews.

Best Books I read.

I just completed the book, “Where the Crawdads Sing”, and it was amazing! I highly recommend! I also enjoyed Skinny Taste One and Done Cookbook, The Minimalist Kitchen (I need to reread it for this year), The Cozy Minimalist, and How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back.

Favorite Swimwear

This summer I purchased this swimsuit from Summer Salt and I absolutely love it! It is such a good quality and does a great job at tucking things in. Im hoping to purchase another one this summer.

Favorite Shoes

My most favorite shoes ever are my flats from Allbirds. I love that they are super comfy and machine washable.

Best Home Projects

Kid Milestones

Ava started Preschool and will be going to kindergarten next year! She knows how to spell and write her name and is working on writing her letters. She also had her first dance recital and absolutely LOVES dance! We took her to see her first movie in the movie theaters (Frozen 2) and she loved it.

Zoey started walking, and is talking up a storm. In 2019 Zoey had tubes put in her ears. She loves lots of different foods and her favorite things to do are climb the playhouse in the backyard and go down the slide, sing into Ava’s microphone, dance, brush her teeth and do anything her big sister does.

Life Changes

I started a new job teaching middle school in Polk County. I taught for 10 years in Pasco County and decided it was time to make the change and move closer to home.

Crazy Plant Lady

This was the year of the plants! I really took on being a plant parent and love growing all of our indoor plants. I’ve also started propagating some of them and it’s super exciting to watch them grow.

A Goal for 2020

We want more adventures and less stuff.

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