5 Easy Tips for Baking With Kids

My daughter is three and I’ve been baking with her in the kitchen since she was able to sit up. It’s not always glorious, but I’ve discovered a few tips along the way that have made baking with her one of my most favorite things!

Five Tips For Baking With Kids

Expect a mess! Kids make a mess, and that’s just the fact of life. When you can let go of this you will feel much better!

Let go of perfection. There is a big chance that there will be more or less sugar added to the recipe, more or less flour than the recipe calls for. Cookies won’t be cut perfect or always decorated perfectly, but it will be made with love and chances are the recipe will still taste delicious.

This one was hard for me at first. In our most recent batch of cookies we had more sugar than needed, no salt (forgot that ingredient), and way more flour than it required. They might not have tasted perfect to someone else but there were perfect for us.

Easy Clean Up– Baking with kids is messy but that’s doesn’t mean that clean up can’t be easy. Here are my clean up tips when making sugar cookies or really any baked goodie with kids.

  • Use an old sheet or butcher paper to cover the table. Butcher paper is the easiest because you can throw it away when you’re done. I use butcher paper for a lot of toddler activities. 
  • Place marble slabs on top of the butcher paper or table cloth. Let your kids use this to roll out the cookies and cut them . I bought mine for $10 at a local tile store. 

Have fun! Just relax and enjoy the moment. 

Just do it! Forget about your worries, fears and what if’s and JUST DO IT!!!

Bonus Tip! Coffee, wine, beer or cocktail of your choice helps too! 😉

There have been times during our baking adventures when flour spilled on the floor, or Ava missed the bowl when dumping the sugar in, or got a little too excited when cracking the eggs.

There have been times when she was excited about baking for the first five minutes, and then she had a toddler melt down and decided she wanted to do something else.

There have been times when I’ve lost my “ish” and patience, it happens, but during these moments are when I’ve learned to just let it all go.

Let the mess go, because you will have time later to clean it up (it’s really not a big deal).

Let the melt down happen, pause on the baking or finish the dough by yourself and then bake the cookies later. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to ever bake again or that they don’t like baking. It just means they’re kids, and sometimes they just need to be kids. Be flexible.

So this holiday season I encourage you to get in your kitchen with your kids and whip up something incredible! Here’s the super easy sugar cookie recipe we used for this batch of cookies. 

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