5 Simple Tips for Beautiful Table Decor

These are my go to tips when decorating our dining table for the holidays or special events. They’re a great way to keep minimal decor, and you don’t have to worry about of where to store it all when you’re done with it.

5 Simple Tips For Beautiful Table Decor

1.) Wrapping Paper or Builder’s Paper

I love to use wrapping paper as a table runner. There are so many cute patterns of paper that you really can’t go wrong. There is something for every style.

My favorite places to shop for wrapping paper are Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Target.

You could even cut the wrapping paper to be used as a type of charger or placemat for each place setting.

I also love to buy the brown Builder’s Paper/ Kraft paper at Lowe’s. It’s thick and does well as a table runner. Sometimes I write on it with a black sharpie.

2.) Fresh Greenery & Flowers

I LOVE using fresh greenery as a center piece. This year I’m using fresh garland down the center of the table.

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers whether they’re from your yard or the store. They add such a nice touch.

3.) Candles

Candles are always a nice and simple touch. They’re also very inexpensive. I found these at Trader Joe’s and the votives for a dollar at Walmart.

4.) Twinkle Lights

This is my first time trying twinkle lights as table decor and I’m in love. I hid the battery pack under the garland. These have stolen the show!

I had plans on doing something a little different, but when I added the lights they made such a statement that I decided I didn’t need anything else.

5.) Layer

When it comes to place settings you can add a simple touch of decor by layering.

Add chargers under the plates. Chargers can be pricey but my favorite places to shop for them on sale are Michael’s, TJ Max, and Walmart. Target has some pretty ones too but they are a little pricey to me.

Remember you can also cut wrapping paper and use it as a charger.

Include a napkin. You can layer it on top of the plate or next to the plate under the flatware. It helps add more layers to the table.

This year I found pretty paper napkins at Target that I’m going to layer together.

Now tell me what are some of your table decor tips!

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