8 Steps to an Organized Pantry

8 steps to an organized pantry (1)Sharing with you 8 steps to an organized pantry. Before I do, you must see the before picture of our pantry before I started organizing it. Oh my!

Ok, now don’t judge but this is what our pantry looked like before. IMG_1482IMG_1481It seriously stressed me out going in there. Most of the times I just threw things where ever I could find a place for it and closed the door quickly. Uhh! But, looking forward I am SO HAPPY to show you what it looks like now. I LOVE IT! IMG_1812IMG_1799 2IMG_1847IMG_1849IMG_1843IMG_1813 2IMG_1799 2So a couple of things…I found the storage crates and black utility bins in the Target “dollar spot”. Both were $3.00. They usually only put a few out at a time but I’ve learned to ask them if they have any in the back. They are more than happy to check. One day I asked and they had 7 in the back.

The four white tupperware looking containers I found at Aldi in packs of two for $4.99. They come in red and white. The two tall food containers are super old from when I was little.

I’m still looking for  something to hold the foil and stuff and looking into purchasing these. I removed the reusable grocery bags and hung them up outside in our garage so I don’t forget them when going to the store.

Here are the steps that helped me get this hot mess organized…

8 Steps to an Organized Pantry

  1. Clean out the pantry (this is the hardest part) by removing EVERYTHING and wiping down shelves, throwing away old gross stuff and getting rid of food you aren’t going to eat.
  2. Decide how to group things.
  3. Decide what kinds of containers would be best for each group or item.  Get a few different kinds of containers. I used crates, tupperware containers and some storage bins. For this step I recommend shopping your home first and see what containers you already have that you could use.
  4. Purchase needed containers and find a way to label each container.
  5. Put all the remaining food in your new containers
  6. Put the new labels on the containers and label them accordingly (I do this after because sometimes you have to try a couple different containers to get it right.)
  7. Put them back on the shelves in an order than makes sense and makes it easy to access, rearranging a few times if you need in order to find the best spots for everything. For things that are easy for the toddler to get into I put up high.
  8. Enjoy your clean and organized pantry!74C2ACF4-3AFC-456F-A654-87B71DCE17FB195DE3B2-C79F-4FF3-A70A-FCD07D38A6A4

A few thoughts…

Our containers are small and at first I thought I wanted bigger containers for MORE stuff. However, we’ve been working on minimalizing so these containers will help me to buy less. Plus they hold exactly what we need. Often I buy too much food and it spoils. For instance I have 10 cans of cream of chicken soup. Haha…how did that happen?

I make sure to put things that the toddler can easily get into and make a big mess (Bisquick) up top and out of reach.

An organized pantry allows me to see exactly what we have and what we need instead of just guessing.

Tell me, what are some of your organizing hacks for a pantry?

Container and Labeling Ideas for an Organized Pantry…

8 steps to an organized pantry


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