An Honest Review of Enchant Christmas St. Pete | Christmas Light Maze and Market

Last Saturday we took Ava to Enchant Christmas St. Pete, Christmas Light Maze and Market and here is my honest review…

Things We LOVED About Enchant Christmas St. Pete!

We brought our 4 year old daughter and she LOVED it. Here are some things she loved.

  • Hanging String of Lights – Ava literally played in these for so long and we let her just do her thing.
  • LED Light up Tiles– These were awesome! The squares light up every time you step on them. Ava went through this section many, many times.
  • Scratch off Tables for Kids – The goal for the maze is to find Santa’s 9 reindeer. Each time you find a reindeer you scratch it off on your scratch off card you receive when you enter the maze. Each reindeer section has counters that are kid height and gold coins so they can scratch their cards too.

Our Biggest Tip for ENCHANT Christmas St. Pete

GET THE FIRST TIME SLOT– So this is KEY! We purchased tickets for the earliest time slot and it made all the difference. There were so many less people and parking was a breeze! We really think if you don’t get one of the first two time slots then it might not be worth the money to enjoy all that they have to offer.

More tips for enjoying ENCHANT.

SKATE FIRST- if your kids went for the skating then do that first before the line gets too long.

SANTA– if your goal is to see Santa then see Santa before the line gets long. It will get longer as the night goes on. There is a section in the maze where you can see Santa from a distance and Ava loved it. She had zero interest in seeing Santa up close.

EAT BEFORE– I say this because I thought the food was OK and kind of expensive. I recommend eating before you go and then spend the money to buy a special treat like cotton candy, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, candy, etc.

LIGHT BULB ADULT BEVERAGE– They sell adult beverages that come in a light bulb that lights up! They’re really cool looking and I believe are $15.

ENJOY THE BAND – The live band was pretty good. Ava wanted to stay and watch them but we couldn’t find a seat to sit down and enjoy. Seating is very limited.

CONS to Enchant Christmas and What Reviewers are Saying

  • PARKING – We arrived around 4:30 and parking was a breeze. We left at 7:30 and parking was INSANE!!!! The line to get in to park was nuts!
  • SEATING– There is very limited seating for eating dinner or watching the band. There are benches throughout the maze to sit on if needed.
  • FOOD– Some of the reviews mention they ran out of food as the night went on.
  • LONG LINES– When we left the line for skating was an hour long and Santa was 45 minutes.

What we thought of Enchant Christmas St. Pete

We had a GREAT TIME! We had a night with just our 4 year old, while my mother in law watched our youngest daughter who is 18 months old. Ava had a blast and seeing her have fun made our night! We let her do her thing which meant letting her go through the string of lights 3905320 times and do her little dance routine in the middle of the maze like no one was watching.

We loved it and thought it was worth the $100 for all three of us…BUT I think that’s because we got an early time slot! So my recommendation is go early!

As the season goes on that might change. I mean, we did go on the second day they opened, but I still say go early!

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  1. December 3, 2019 / 9:19 pm

    Thanks for the honest review! I haven’t found many reviews of the St Pete version and we have tickets for next weekend.

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