Ava’s 3rd Birthday

Do you remember the days before Pinterest was a thing and birthday parties were simple? That’s what we went back to this year and it was so nice and refreshing! I originally had big plans to do a rainbow cake and rainbow balloon garland for our photobooth family tradition and some decor using what I had from last year along with a few things I picked up from the Target dollar spot this year. Well, I was so exhausted after making the rainbow cake that took much longer than I expected due to a few hiccups (missing groceries), that I decided to say the heck with everything else.

Ava’s birthday was on Friday and we had her party on Saturday. I didn’t want to spend Friday night trying to figure out balloon garland and finish decorating. Instead I wanted to spend the time celebrating Ava and that’s exactly what we did!

When she arrived home from daycare she walked in with tiara on, a sash and little tutu she received from her teachers at school. She felt SO SPECIAL and it made my heart so happy!

She quickly noticed her birthday cake sitting on the table and quickly…wait for it…wait for it…SHE CRIED! Not tears of happiness, no my friends! She was sad because SHE wanted to put the sprinkles on the cake. #todddlerlife #thestruggleisreal. Thankfully, I had plenty of leftover sprinkles so I let her add more sprinkles to the cake. A LOT MORE SPRINKLES TO THE CAKE. 

That night we had a simple dinner at home (Panda Express Take-out), sang her happy birthday, had a simple little family photobooth on the couch, let her open up her presents and played with this wooden magnetic doll set we gave her (awesome gift for 3+). We ended the night with a few dances to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Jewel and rested up for the next day.

We kept her party simple with just pizza and cake. No extra snacks or desserts. It was so easy and so nice!

Ava’s face lit up when we all sang happy birthday to her and she was so excited to see a RAINBOW inside of her cake!

We asked her what was her favorite part of the day and her answer was…HER RAINBOW CAKE. It made my day and made every bit of hard work put into that cake worth it!  third-birthday-photo

This girl truly is something special. Everyday she has us laughing about something new she says. I love to sit back and watch her play. Her imagination has really come out has she gets older. Two was a great year, and I feel like three is going to be even better! We are so blessed!

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