Baby Number Two is a…

A few weeks ago we went to our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor to have an anatomy scan done for baby #2.

We asked the technician to put the gender of the baby in an envelope for us to open later. This time we wanted to find out the gender privately.

Before we left I asked her if she was able to determine the gender. She said yes, and that she was confident. Then she said she was 80% sure and that there is always that 20% chance it could be the opposite. I think I would have been just happy with she was confident.

Anyhow, after looking at the picture we are sure baby #2 is a GIRL!!!!! Ava will be getting a baby sister in May 2018! We are super excited!

We will have another scan done in January and I guess there is a 20% chance we could come back and say, baby #2 is a boy but we are PRETTY SURE it’s a BABY GIRL!!!




Disclosure: It took a TON of marshmallows, a few tears, me taping a picture of Joey and I in the book, and some donut promises to get these pictures. But it was worth every bit! Haha!

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