Big Big News!

Sharing some big news today…

Before I share the big news I wanted to share Ava’s new “thing” she does. When we tell her to say cheese she says, “Cheese,” really big like a big cheese ball and makes a fist with each of her hands (like the picture above). It’s the cutest thing ever!

Ok, so on to the big news.  Joey and I are so happy to announce that our family is growing by one! Baby #2 is due early May 2018!

I know I said I’ve been distant from the blog because of life being crazy busy and working on gift guides for Christmas (all true), but I’ve also had the worst morning sickness (more like ALL DAY sickness) during this pregnancy so far and haven’t felt up to blogging. Things are getting better now so you’ll see me on here more often.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been nervous about announcing our pregnancy. There’s always the “what ifs” that linger in your mind. The “What if I tell everyone we’re pregnant and something happens?” The truth is fear and worry can linger around all pregnancy, but today I am choosing not to let this happen. Today, I’m saying NO to worry and fear and YES to choosing happiness. I’m saying yes to having faith that God has a plan. Saying yes, to the fact that this is bigger than I am, yes to giving it to God and trusting in him and yes to having faith and peace that everything will be ok.

This pregnancy has already been so different than my one with Ava and I can’t wait to share it all with you in this space.



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