Bump Update 27 Weeks

Sharing about how baby and I are doing at 27 weeks and some of my favorite bump fashions.
This post is sponsored by Shop PinkBlush. 

Bump Update 27 Weeks

  • MOVEMENT: I feel baby girl all the time! I can actually feel her a lot more than I did with Ava. I also feel like I felt her sooner than I did Ava but maybe because it’s my second one.
  • CRAVINGS: Holy cravings. I’ve definitely had a sweet tooth craving, mainly for donuts.  I’ve also been craving Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • MISSING: Being able to breathe and being able to stay up past 8:00pm.
  • This week I have felt like all of sudden my belly just popped out! Seriously! Some days I have energy and others I am dead tired! This week I have had more tired days than energetic ones.
  • My blood pressure has been AMAZING lately. This week I hit 107/72. That’s awesome for me. Usually I’m in the high 120’s/80’s.
  • Heartburn is kicking in. I usually get it at night time or when I eat fruit snacks or cashews.
  • Hot flashes have started.
  • My back is starting to feel a little better, thanks to going to the chiropractor. Some days are better than others. The weeks I don’t go to the chiropractor I can definitely tell a difference in the pain.

I know this list sounds pitiful but, I am doing good. I’m super excited to welcome our baby girl into this world. I’m hoping this weekend I will get some work done in her nursery.

Ava is SO excited about getting a baby sister! Every day she says she wants a baby sister. We’ve been buying newborn diapers every week to start stocking up and Ava always says, “These for my baby sister.” The other day she was sitting on the potty and Joey asked her if she pooped, she replied, “Yea! A baby sister!” Haha! It was so funny!

Dressing The Bump, Ready For Spring 

I’ve enjoyed this winter we’ve had here in Florida lately, but I am ready for everything Spring. From Spring weather, colors, fashion, to spring candy. I don’t think my hot flashes can take winter sweaters for much longer. Lately, I’ve been loving these two new dresses I received from Shop PinkBlush.

My first favorite is this floral maxi dress. I’ve always wanted a long maxi dress to show off my bump but I was always nervous because I’m so short. I’m only 4’11 and these dresses seem made for tall women. When this dress came in I was so excited that I could wear it. It was definitely really long on me and I’m not a fan of going to the seamstress to get things hemmed so I tried my two go to tricks. I gathered the fabric on the bottom and tied a knot on the side to keep the fabric from hitting the ground. That worked. Then I decided to just cut the bottom of the dress instead of doing the whole knot thing. Cutting it worked great with this fabric. I left enough room incase the dress curled up after being washed. I’ve washed it since and its perfectly fine! The fabric didn’t curl and you can’t even tell I cut it. I LOVE this dress. It’s so comfortable and plan on wearing it while breast feeding. It’s made perfectly for easy breast feeding access. You can find it here and many other maxi dresses.  My next favorite is this loose fitting ruffle sleeved scalloped dress that just screams spring! I love the color of this dress and the scalloped edges. Oh, the best part is it comes in so many colors! Both of these dresses can be worn as maternity dresses or non-maternity dresses, which I love about Shop PinkBlush’s clothing. You don’t have to worry about spending money on something you will never wear again after you have the baby. I love it!  For fun here is my 27 week bump update I posted on Instagram when I was pregnant with Ava.

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