Bump Update 38 Weeks

IMG_7446-1We’ve hit 38 weeks! If you scroll to the bottom of this post the last picture pretty much sums up what 38 weeks feels like. Haha…

Cravings: Watermelon, gatorade, Publix chocolate and sugar cookies (so good!)

Movements: Zoey has been moving like crazy. It feels like I have a little dinosaur in there!

Contractions: So apparently I’ve had some contractions and didn’t even know it. When we were in the hospital Friday (more about that below) the nurse asked me if I was feeling the contractions I was having. I said, no, because truthfully I didn’t know that is what they were. I guess once you’ve been on magnesium and pitocin it’s hard to notice a normal contraction.

Sleeping: It has gotten a little better, or I’m just use to it all now. Although, I do wake up in the wee hours in the morning wide awake.


  • Tired and out of breath easy.
  • Nap a lot!
  • Mood swings.
  • Waddling
  • Feel like a turtle flipped on its back when I get out of bed.
  • Hot flashes like crazy!

Doctor/Hospital/Blood Pressure Update

Last week, I went to see my doctor for my 37 week appointment. My blood pressures were a little high so he had me go back Friday afternoon for another blood pressure check. My blood pressure was 144/102. It wouldn’t go down so the doctor that was there (my doctor wasn’t) told me to go to the hospital to be evaluated.

After finding someone to watch Ava and getting things together we finally made it to the hospital. My blood pressures ended up going down and were actually GREAT! The midwife had me do a 24 hour urine collection and that came back good also.

I’m starting to think maybe it’s the doctor’s office that wigs me out. Actually, I think I just had a really busy and long day on Friday, plus a long drive from work to the doctor’s office in traffic and it was probably just too much for my body.

Last Friday was my last day of work so this week I’ve been at home nesting, relaxing, and waiting for Zoey to arrive. My blood pressures have still been really good and I’m hoping they stay that way. I’m hoping I can experience a labor and delivery without magnesium or pitocin. I know God has a plan though and I just pray for a healthy baby and healthy me.


Recommendation: Taking this week off was the best thing ever!!! I am so grateful for my husband being supportive of this decision. I planned on working up to 39 weeks but I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to stop at 38 weeks.

If you’re able to take off prior to your delivery, then I HIGHLY recommend it! This is exactly what I needed to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for what’s to come. Although, I’m not sure anything can REALLY prepare you for what’s to come, but you get what I mean. I’ve been able to focus on just being a wife, mom and getting our family and home ready to become a family of four.

Explaining to Ava how her Mommy has a little baby growing inside. IMG_7447-1IMG_7449The REALITY OF BEING 38 WEEKS PREGNANT! Also, what happens when you forget to turn off your self timer on your camera. Haha! IMG_7451-2

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