Coffee Chat Vol. 2

Volume two of coffee chats with me (anna) here at Sweet Life of Anna. If we were to sit down and chat over a cup of coffee I would tell you…

WORK: Work is going good. I’m struggling with being somewhere new and finding my “place” if that makes sense. I left behind 10 years in another county. Ten years of familiar faces, understanding systems, rules, policies, expectations. Just like anywhere new it takes time. I’ve definitely had my share of melt downs, but I know over time it will get better. 

TODDLER. Ava is still going through the “wedgie” phase and wants to wear only pants, but it seems to be getting better. We got her bigger panties, bigger shorts, and adjusted her car seat. 

Ava has been curious about her vagina lately. Yep, that’s right. I said vagina. We use to call it a “bottom” but that got super confusing to her because “bottom” can be used in so many ways. Like, “sit on your bottom,” or “shake your bottom.” You see how it can be confusing? Our pediatrician recommended to call it what it is, a VAGINA, and to talk with her about how our vagina is a private part and we keep it private, etc. She recommends being open and honest, and not awkward. 

Over spring break one of our conversations went something like this. 

Ava: Mommy, I have a “PA-GINA” (how she pronounces vagina), and you, Zoey and Daddy have a “PA-GINA.”

Me: You’re right, you, me and Zoey have vagina’s but Daddy has a penis.

Ava: A PEE-NIS??? (Her eyes real big and then laughs). Why does daddy have a PEE-NIS?

Me: Because honey, that’s how God made boys and girls. 

Ava: Hmm…

Since then, she hasn’t asked about it or mentioned it. 

I let Ava know that if her vagina is hurting or if she has questions about it she needs to ask mommy or daddy, and if she’s at school she needs to tell her teacher if she needs help with something down there. We also talk about how we don’t talk about our vagina or butt with our friends. 

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. When talking with my friend about this, she made a really good point that I didn’t even think about. She mentioned that she read somewhere how perps make up names for the private areas so if her children call it something other than what they call it (vagina and penis) then she will know at the very least that someone else has been speaking to them about it. 

ZOEY. We started sleep training Zoey. So far it’s been going well. Zoey is very mobile and starting to stand on her own, but doesn’t have much interest in walking and I’m ok with that.

PINTEREST FAIL. I made Ava rainbow rice the other day. I found the idea on social media. It was fun, but it entertained her for about 5 minutes. Haha..I guess you win some, you lose some. 

MOM CONFESSION. This week Ava has had a pack of fruit snacks and a fruit strip for breakfast. In defense, I think I saw that these fruit snacks have just about the same amount of sugar as a bowl of cereal. 

I also rarely buy fruit snacks because I’m not good at dealing with the toddler melt downs at 4:00am in the morning when I tell her she can’t have one for breakfast. 

EASTER WEEKEND. Today, we’re headed to Orlando to spend the day and night with my parents. Then on Sunday will go to church in the morning and we’re cooking Easter Sunday lunch at our house this year. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter! 



  1. Melissa M
    April 20, 2019 / 12:04 am

    Nailed it❤️ Love these coffee chats, even if we have to wait until summer, we will have an in person one again!

    • Anna
      April 22, 2019 / 9:35 pm

      Yes!! A REAL coffee chat very soon!

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