Dear Pop…I will Find You There

Dear Pop,

​It’s been a few days since God opened the doors of heaven to welcome you home and we miss you terribly. ​

I have mixed emotions about it all. Part of me finds peace in knowing you’re in heaven with our heavenly father and all of our loved ones who have gone before us. I find peace in knowing you’re no longer in pain and free from suffering.

The other part of me is heartbroken that you’re no longer here on earth with us. It all happened so fast. I wish we had more time for hugs and kisses. More time filled with your love and laughter. More time to create wonderful memories with your grand daughter and children. More time to meet your two new grand  babies that will be here in May. I just wish we had more time.

In times of deep sorrow I find myself clinging to God’s promise. His promise that one day we will meet again and have eternal life together. One day we will all be together again with no worries, no pain, no sorrow and no troubles of the world. One day it will be all of our loved ones together with our Lord and Savior. Until then, I will continue to find peace in his promise.

As the days go by I know I will see you in the ones around me. I will see your love and genuine heart in Joey and in his laughter. When he’s at our girls’ sports events cheering them on (maybe griping at the refs) or at their dance recitals as their biggest fan, I will find you there. When he’s teaching them about God’s word or when he’s showing a stranger random acts of kindness, I will find you there. When he’s playing with his daughters and being the best Dad and husband he can be, I will find you there.

When Ava is being silly or having a good belly laugh, I will find you there. When Nanna is sharing old memories or loving on your grand children, I will find you there. When she leans on the Lord in times of sorrow or when she thanks him for her many blessings, I will find you there. On your birthdays when we eat fried shrimp and ice cream cake, I will find you there. When Ava wraps her arms around her Daddy’s neck, I will find you there.

When your grand daughters are born, I will find you there.

I will find you in the faith, love and laughter that surrounds us.

Until we meet again, I will find peace in God’s promise.

We miss you Pop and we love you. ​

I give you peace, the kind of peace only I can give.
​John 14:27 




“…I am standing on the mountain
I can hear the angels songs
I am reaching over Jordon
Take my hand, Lord lead me home”

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