DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

After Ava was born I made sure to keep all of her hospital things. I kept her wrist and ankle bands, her beanie, and a sweet little bracelet that my friend’s daughter made for her when she was first born.

These things have a lot of sentimental value to us and I knew I wanted to have a way to display them each year to look back on.  Last year, when we were putting the ornaments on our Christmas tree that’s when it came to me. I can make an ornament!

I headed to Hobby Lobby and purchased one of their plastic ornament balls. They sell them year round. Then I just put all of the items inside and used a piece of twine to keep the ornament together and to hang it on the tree.

This is probably one of my favorite ornaments on the tree. I love how we will be able to keep this for many years to come and then maybe one day Ava will want to hang it on her family Christmas tree.


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