DIY Ornament, An Easy, Fun and Kid Friendly Holiday Craft

Making handmade Christmas ornaments has become one of our holiday traditions. We make one for each of the grandparents and then one to hang on our tree. Some of my favorite ornaments on the tree are the handmade ornaments. I just think they are so special! This year we decided to go with this decoupodge ornament.

We first stamped one side of the ornament with Ava’s painted footed. After it dried I decorated the foot like a Christmas tree. I wanted to do mistletoes but I didn’t have enough room.

While that was drying I found the pictures I wanted to use for each ornament. I used the Photo Booth pictures from Ava’s first birthday this year. On my computer I used the Pages software to shrink the picture so it would fit on the ornament. Then I printed the pictures using a colored printer with regular computer paper and cut it out.

Once the ornament was dry I painted the blank side with Modge Podge, then placed the picture on the ornament. I painted the top of the picture with Modge Podge. After that, I took little pieces (all shapes and sizes) of tissue paper and placed them around the picture. I then pressed the tissue paper down using the same paint brush I used for the Modge Podge. If the tissue didn’t stick I just used more Modge Podge.

When both sides of the ornament were dry I used a permanent marker to write Merry Christmas and the date. I think dates are so important on things like this!

There you have it! A super easy, fun and kid friendly holiday craft you can cherish for many years to come!


  • Blank Ornament (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Scissors
  • Torn pieces of Colored Tissue Paper
  • Printer and Printer Paper
  • Paint
  • Modge Podge
  • Small Paint Brush


  1. Stamp one side of the ornament with baby’s painted foot. Let it dry and then decorate like a Christmas tree.
  2. Print picture using computer printer and regular computer paper.
  3. Shrink or cut to size to fit on the ornament.
  4. Paint a thin layer of Modge Podge on the blank side of the ornament.
  5. Place the picture on top of the Modge Podge.
  6. Paint over picture with Modge Podge.
  7. Place torn pieces of tissue paper around the picture. Press tissue paper down using the same brush that was used for the Modge Podge. (If needed add more Modge Podge).
  8. Let ornament dry.
  9. Using a permanent marker write message of your choice. Don’t forget the date!


  • The printer paper is very thin so you will want to be careful with the amount of Modge Podge you use. Too much and the paper will tear and the ink will run. You want just enough to make it stick.
  • You can use card stock or a photo for the picture. Those are thicker and will work better but printer paper does just as good too and sometimes is more convenient.
  • If you add less paint to your baby’s foot you will get a better print.
  • I used a q-tip to paint the ornaments on the tree.






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