Does My Baby Have a Healthy Gut?

This post is sponsored by Evivo but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

How do you know if baby’s gut is healthy?

Thankfully, there’s now a simple 3 question Baby Gut Check you can take that will reveal if your baby is one of 9 out of 10 infants missing B. infantis:

 Question 1: Were you OR your baby born via C-section?

Question 2: Were you OR your baby given antibiotics pre-delivery or post pregnancy?

Question 3: Does your baby have diaper rash OR 5+ watery poops per day? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these then there is a chance your baby’s gut is likely missing the good bacteria B. infantis, allowing many harmful bacteria to thrive.

How did you get this result?

  • You or your baby were born via C-section, which means you or your baby did not come in direct contact with mom’s beneficial gut bacteria. This good bacteria helps develop a healthy gut microbiome in your baby and could have long-term health benefits.
  • You or your baby were given antibiotics, which eliminated both the good bacteria (like B. infantis) and bad bacteria (like Group B Strep) in your gut.
  • Your baby poops more than 5X a day. The amount your baby poops is a visible signal of “good” vs. “bad” bacteria in the baby’s gut. Babies with more good bacteria have fewer loose poops as they are better able to absorb all the nutrients from breast milk.  The more loose stools that baby’s bottom comes into contact with, the more the skin can be irritated leading to diaper rash.

To help reverse this trend, a team of doctors and scientists from Evivo found a way to repopulate the infant gut with this good bacteria.

Why Evivo?

  • Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to restore B. infantis while reducing the potentially harmful bacteria by 80%.
  • In clinical trials, babies consuming Evivo and breast milk had their gut fully repopulated with the good bacteria they need 100% of the time.
  • Significantly reduces the abundance of potentially harmful bacteria in your baby’s gut, especially those linked to a higher risk for colic, eczema, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Creates a protective internal environment in baby’s gut.
  • Fewer and better-formed poops when B. infantis flourishes in baby’s gut
  •  Helps develop your baby’s metabolism and immune system, building the foundation for good health that can last a lifetime

It’s encouraged to use Evivo for the entire time you are breast feeding. Exclusively formula fed babies may also consume Evivo. However, without the important HMOs in breast milk, babies may not receive the full benefits from Evivo if they are exclusively consuming formula.

You can visit Evivo’s website to learn more and how you can keep your baby healthy for life with probiotics. But before you shop make sure you grab the below coupon code’s to get started with your Evivo kit.

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