Easy Halloween Home Decor (Free Spooky Bat Printable)

This year we decided to add some spooky bats for simple Halloween decor.

I give thanks to Instagram for this idea. After seeing spooky bats displayed around mantels all over Instagram, I decided to add them to our home. I mean…why not join in on the fun?

I must say that this turned out to be waaayyy more fun than I expected and, it didn’t cost me a thing!

The girls ABSOLUTELY loved hanging these bats.

I also bought some “spider webbing” from Walmart for some extra fun.

This will definitely become a yearly tradition.

If you’re looking for something fun and simple to do with your kids or just because then print these bats!

I used scotch tape to hang ours and so far they’ve held up. I’ve heard some say masking tape works well too.

I printed these bats on regular printer paper and cut them out. I didn’t worry about tracing them onto card stock or printing on card stock.

You can find the bat printable I used here.

Happy Spooky Halloween!

Consider pinning this image for later.

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