Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Lighting Trick For Under Your Cabinets

Magic-Kitchen-Light-TrickI have been wanting to put some lighting under our kitchen cabinets that didn’t cost a fortune, and thanks to Brooke over at Nesting with Grace and her kitchen lighting trick I was able to make that happen. It’s actually super simple. I purchased these wireless lights from Amazon and placed them under our cabinets. I ordered two packs of 6 lights. Each set of lights comes with two remote controls, 3M tape and then obviously 6 wireless lights. The remotes have different settings for the lights which I love! You can shine the lights at 10%, 40%, 80% or 100% . It also has a timer. Amazing!

To attach the lights you simply use the 3M tape and then place them wherever you want under your cabinets. We placed one under the center of each cabinet door and in the middle. I love how they turned out!

Now, I do want to WARN YOU that the batteries don’t last long but I usually just turn mine on early in the morning and late in the evenings. Either way, to me it’s so worth it. A six pack of lights cost $18.99. That’s a deal!

POST UPDATE! I always want to be transparent and honest in this little space of mine. So, with that said….

After using these and having lights under our cabinets I realized how much I LOVED using them and LOVED having lighting under our cabinets. We used them so much that it didn’t make sense to keep using the battery operated lights. So my husband installed hard wired puck lights instead. I literally keep them on all day and use them instead of our ceiling lights.

If you’re looking for lights to turn on every so often or when you have guest over, then these are a great option. If you want them on all the time, then I don’t recommend these.

Easy-Kitchen-Light-Trick-Under-CabinetsKitchen-Light-Trick-Under-CabinetsKitchen Lighting Trick For Under Your Cabinets

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