Father’s Day Weekend |2018

IMG_5833We had a blast celebrating this wonderful man right here. We started our weekend off hanging by the pool with two of our dearest friends. We had one little batch of rain and then the day was beautiful. We relaxed and enjoyed subs and snacks by the pool.

For the longest time Ava had been so scared of the pool. I’m pretty sure it was from the swim lessons she had when she was one, but in just the last two weeks she has warmed up to getting in the pool and loves it. She’s taking baby steps but she’s getting there. IMG_5741IMG_5792IMG_5781IMG_5767After our pool day we decided to take Ava to the beach. She’s been to the beach before but now she’s at the age where she really understands that she’s at the beach. We can thank Daniel the Tiger for that. I guess she saw an episode where they went to the beach, and ever since she had been asking us to take her to the beach! So we did and it was the best thing for the soul. Seeing the look in her eyes when she was exploring was priceless. The first thing she did when she got there was pick up a shell and hold it to her ear. It’s so cool to see your children become such dreamers and for them to truly experience something for the first time.  IMG_5801IMG_5807IMG_5906IMG_5826IMG_5819IMG_5935IMG_5988IMG_5873On Sunday, we headed to Nana’s for some lunch and in Ava’s words, “To have a PARTY for Daddy!” I made a roast and we enjoyed the day celebrating Joey and remembering Pop.

Father’s day wasn’t the same without Pop around this year, but we shared memories of him over lots of tears and laughter, and found him in the love of family and many blessings around us.

When we took this sweet girl to the beach and saw the joy in her eyes, he was there, and as the sun set and I continued to thank God for the blessings around me, Pop was there. We love you and we miss you Pop. IMG_5994

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