Friday Favorites | 10.11.19

ONE. FALL POTTED GARDEN. Last weekend we added some landscaping touches to our front yard, and fixed up the potted garden for fall. It was a great day doing yard work. Ava helped me while Zoey took a two hour nap.

TWO. HALLOWEEN COSTUME. We purchased Halloween costumes for the girls. Ava decided she wants to be Jasmin from Aladdin and Zoey is going to be a cave girl. I figured it matched her personality the best.

THREE. TRADER JOE’S FIND. If you plan on stopping by Trader Joe’s anytime soon, make sure you grab these three favorites of ours to make a Chinese “take-out” dinner in less than 20 minutes.

  • Frozen Mandarin Chicken (best baked in oven)
  • Frozen Jasmine Rice (cooks in 3 minutes in microwave)
  • Frozen Chicken Spring Rolls (bake in oven)

The chicken and Spring rolls both bake in the oven for the same temp and same time, which makes this dinner even easier!

FOUR. BELLA. Life with Bella has definitely been challenging but so worth it. We love her so much! Even when she gets a tub of yogurt out of the trash can.

FIVE. FROZEN ROLLER FOR HEADACHES. I learned about this frozen roller and must purchase one! I had the biggest sinus headache yesterday and definitely could have used one of these! Did you even know this was a thing?

SIX. CHILDREN PLATES. Target sells these kid plates for less than a $1.00! They’re microwave and dishwasher safe and they hold up really well!

SEVEN. ZOEY UPDATE. This week we took Zoey to the ENT. We discovered after being on 10 days of medicine for an ear infection in her left ear, that she now has a double ear infection and will be getting tubes on Monday! I’m so excited the doctor could get us in so quickly to have the surgery done. Zoey has been so fussy lately! Ava had tubes put in and you can read all about that journey here. I’m a big fan of tubes!

Well that’s it for this week! Have a great weekend friends!

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