Friday Favorites | 10.25.19

ONE. PLANT THERAPY. I had a little plant retail therapy and picked up this prayer plant at Walmart this week for $13! I’ve been looking for one and had my eye on this for a few weeks at Walmart. When I went this week it was the last one and I had to get it!

TWO. FAVORITE TODDLER TOY. Zoey absolutely loves this Tegu Magnetic Wooden Tram building set. I keep them in a little basket in the living room and she is constantly playing with them. Tegu has so many different sets and they are perfect for children of all ages! A great Christmas Gift Idea!

THREE. FIGHTING OFF GERMS! I’ve shared this Vitamin C before but I’m sharing it again because lately I’ve been using it twice a day, everyday and it has WORKED so much! My whole family has been sick and not to mention all of my students who have been sick lately, and I have been able to fight off the germs (knock on wood). This is a must!

FOUR. STARBUCKS HAPPY HOUR. I use to be a Dunkin girl but I’ve totally become a Starbucks junkie. I just started using the app and LOVE IT! You can earn points so much faster than Dunkin and use your points when you want on different things.

I also love their happy hour! Yesterday, they had buy one- get one free. When I told the barista I was saving one in the fridge for tomorrow (today) she quickly made me another iced coffee WITHOUT ice. She said it will taste much better. I walked out of their with THREE iced coffees! I just love the Starbucks experience and taste!

FIVE. FAVORITE FALL SOUP. I Shared this soup last year and wanted to share it again. This is ONE. OF. MY. FAVORITES! The flavors are out of this world good and its SO EASY! I’m not kidding! It hasn’t even been cold here and I’ve been wanting to make this soup.

SIX. PSA. Just to let you know…Hallmark’s Christmas Movie Countdown starts TONIGHT on their Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel and then tomorrow on the regular Hallmark Channel. They’ve been playing Christmas movies already, but these movies will be NEW!

SEVEN. WATERLOGUE APP. This app is one of my favorites. It turns regular images into water color pictures and its FREE! This is a great idea for Christmas gifts. Below are some pictures that I transformed into the water color.

Happy Friday!

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