Friday Favorites | 9.6.19

This week I’m sharing some fashion, fall recipes, monitoring my screen time and more!

ONE. HIGH RISE JEANS. Last weekend the LOFT at Lakeside Village in Lakeland had a special event for teachers. They opened their store an our early for teachers and offered 40% off your entire purchase PLUS our 15% off teachers’ discount on top of that. It was a fun morning!

I picked up my first pair of high rise jeans. It’s actually my first pair of jeans with a zipper and a button since before I was pregnant with Zoey. These are the most comfortable jeans ever! I’ve tried on a lot of high rise jeans and nothing look good or fit right until now. I also love that these come in petite sizes so the length is just right for someone who is so short like me. Right now, you can buy them online for 50% off!

I also really liked this pair! These are high rise too and 50% off online.

TWO. FALL WREATH. If you’re looking for an easy DIY for a fall wreath then I’ve got you covered! This wreath is super easy to make and you can use it year round. Mine lasted about 3 years! You can find the DIY here.

THREE. CLEANING TIP! So I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know that cleaning the filter in your dishwasher was a thing until Nesting With Grace shared it in her stories a few months back. I didn’t even know dishwashers have a filter! Anyhow, if your new to this too I highly recommend cleaning your dishwasher filter RIGHT NOW!

Ours was easy to remove and I just rinsed it off.

FOUR. MONITORING SCREEN TIME. This week I’m going to work on monitoring my screen time so I don’t end up getting down a rabbit hole scrolling through social media. I learned that Apple phones have a way to do that. Go to Settings -> Screen time -> and then from there you can set “down time” and limit the time spent on your apps. It will still let you on the app but it will make the app shadow looking and will give you a notice and a reminder that you’ve met your limit.

Certain apps I didn’t include a limit like photos and my camera.

FIVE. FAVORITE MUSIC ALBUM. Grace City Music has been releasing a new song every Friday for their new album and I LOVE it! The songs are SO GOOD and a must listen! I’ve had them on repeat in my car. We listen to them using the Amazon music app. We pay $10 a month to listen to any music, anywhere we want, on any device, anytime! We’ve done this for a few years now and love it.

SIX. TWO INGREDIENT PUMPKIN BREAD. I’m going to leave this recipe right here just incase anyone wants some pumpkin bread to go along with their pumpkin spice coffee. This would also be a cute gift basket idea for teachers. You could put the ingredients in a cute basket with a fun fall coffee mug and a $5 gift card to Dunkin or Starbucks!


That’s it for this week! See you next week!

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