Friday Favorites Includes Swimsuits that Will Make You Feel Fabulous!

HEY!! It’s Friday, the last day of my spring break and here are some of my favorites this week.

ONE. One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Meg O recently shared Wet N Wild’s new $6 Photo Focus foundation stick and she LOVED it. I want to say she compared it to Hourglass foundation stick which runs about $46 and said it was very, very similar. Haha..I don’t know anything about Hourglass Foundation but it sounds fancy. Definitely, giving the Wet N Wild one a try.

TWO. I’m almost 11 months postpartum and my wedding rings still don’t fit. I haven’t had them resized because I’m hoping one day my fingers will go back down to size. In the meantime I found these silicone rings on Amazon that I love.

THREE. I recently discovered Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club on Amazon Audible and these are the books I want to read next.

FOUR. I ordered this swimsuit from Amazon. It’s super cute but the straps are way too big and aren’t adjustable so I’m sending it back. I should have listened to the reviews. Most of them talked about the straps being really big, but I guess I was hoping it would fit.

FIVE. I did find this bathing suit at Walmart for $12.88. I tried to find the link online for you but couldn’t. Check your local Walmart though!

SIX. I wore this bathing suit to the beach with Ava on Thursday and received so many compliments. This is the one I purchased last year. I recommend reading the reviews to figure out your size. I went with a large (my usual size).

SEVEN. Last year, I shared this list of 25 mommy friendly bathing suits. They really work for anyone. Make sure to read the reviews to help figure out your size.

EIGHT. Zoey’s first birthday is on May 2nd and we’re just having a little small get together with our family. I’m going to keep everything simple, including the decor. We’re going for a fiesta theme. Even though it’s something small, I still enjoy decorating and finding fun ways to be thrifty and creative with decor. Below is a picture of my Pinterest board so far, and things I’ve been pinning to help me brainstorm. You can also follow me on Pinterest here.

That’s all for this week! Happy Friday friends!

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