Friday Favorites Starts with My New Job!

Happy Friday! The first Friday Favorites of 2019! I didn’t think I was going to get this posted because it took us forever to get the girls to bed tonight but I made it. 

ONE. January 7th is my last day as a teacher for Pasco County School Board. Starting January 8th I will be an employee of Polk County Schools. Pasco County is about 35 to 40 minutes from our home. I really did think I would stay in Pasco County forever, even though we live in Polk County. I thought my girls would go to school where we live and I would continue to make the commute to Pasco, because I TRULY love where I teach and my job. But then we had Zoey, and then it was time to start thinking where Ava would go to Pre-k, and before and after school care, and school breaks, and all of a sudden I wanted to be closer to home. I wanted to teach somewhere my girls could attend and be there with me. So, with all that said I made the change.  I’m nervous about the new beginning but also excited! 

TWO. Joey bought me these pajamas for Christmas and they are THE BEST THINGS EVER! Seriously, they are super soft and 100% worth the price. 

THREE. I found these shoes on clearance at Target right before Christmas and this fun fuzzy pink sweater. I LOVE both!

FOUR. My sister gave me these spice liners for our kitchen drawer. I moved our spices from the cabinet to one drawer in our kitchen. It has made finding spices so much easier! I keep the cooking oils and extra spices in bulk in the cabinet.



FIVE. On Saturday we celebrated my 33rd birthday! My parents came over along with my twin brother and we had our annual Buffalo Wild Wings and a Dairy Queen blizzard cake. They’re the best!

SIX. Today, my husband took off work and we had a date day. He took me shopping for my birthday AND surprised me with a visit to the nail salon. I got my nails done and then we headed to IKEA to pick out a table for our little breakfast nook area. After that, we went to Besito for lunch. They have the BEST quac! 

SEVEN. This week I discovered Marie Kondo has a series on Netflix. Her book, The Magic of Tidying is one of my favorites when it comes to reading about decluttering! I watched two episodes and it’s pretty much everything she mentions in her book. I will say I definitely enjoy the book more. I did fast forward through some parts in her Netflix series. 

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Rich
    January 5, 2019 / 1:41 pm

    Love you Anna! Hope to see you guys soon!

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