Friday Favorites Starts With Our Front Porch Fall Decor

Happy Friday! This week I finally finished working on our front porch fall decor and Ava picked out her Halloween costume!

ONE. This year, for our front porch I tried to use things I already had at home or things I wouldn’t need to store for next year (the pumpkins and flowers). The wreath was a quick DIY I did with some floral arrangements I had in vases inside our house and the grapevine wreath I had from last year. Then I added one of my old scarves to it. The wreath was really easy. I just cut the floral arrangements into individual stems, slid them in between the branches of the wreath and thats it! No glue or wire.

TWO. Last weekend, I took Ava to Walmart to pick out her Halloween costume. This is the first year she will be dressing up and going trick-or-treating. She said she wanted to be a purple princess and when we got to the store that’s exactly what she found. I asked her if she wanted to be something else and she said, “No! I want to be a purple princess!” So a purple princess it is!

THREE. Before I went back to work I purchased these booties from Target. Since, returning to work I have received so many compliments on them. They are definitely my favorite and so comfy. I should have bought other colors. Anyhow, they are on sale right now at Target as part of their BOGO sale. Buy one, get one 50% off! 

FOUR. I’ve recently added this book to my wish list! 

FIVE. This week Zoey has been recovering from a stomach bug and a bad cold. Thankfully, she is getting better just in time for the weekend. This weekend our plans consist of staying home, playing and doing some house chores. We may or may not sneak out for a little fall festival visit but we’ll see how everyone is feeling. This week the nose frida has been a HUGE help! If you don’t have one of these and you have a baby then you definitely need to get one ASAP! 

Ok, Now tell me all your tips for boosting your immune system! With both girls being sick I just know Joey and I are next.

Happy Friday Friends!

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