Friday Favorites Starts with Potted Garden Tips

ONE. If you’ve been following for a while you know about my recent love for plants including indoor and outdoor. This spring I planted two potted gardens in our front yard. One planter I thrifted from my neighbor! She was going to throw it out ($50 planter) and I asked if I could have it.

Tips for Planting Potted Gardens

  • Pick plants with similar needs. For example full sun, moderate sun, etc.
  • Use flowers that go well with the color of your house. Yellows and orange don’t go well with the color of our home, so I usually stick with white, purples, blues, pinks, and reds.
  • Include a variety of different heights. I usually pick one tall, one medium height, a low or regular plant/flower, and one “crawling/droopy” (not sure the actual name for them) to hang off the side.
  • Use good soil. One of the great things about potted garden is you can control the soil. I like to use a good moisture control soil.

TWO. We recently tried this Urban Accent Seasoning that I found at my recent Walmart trip and it was so good. We tried it on vegetables, pork, and shrimp. It was delicious. So, this week I picked up this one and this one to try.

THREE. One of my students recommended the show Heartland on Netflix. Well I stayed up until 11:30 last night binge watching the show. It’s a good show. It’s very “Hallmark-ish” which is why I probably love it. It also has 10 seasons!

FOUR. Mack Brock is going to be at our church Easter Sunday and I am so excited! If you’re looking for a good christian album then I highly recommend listening to his Greater Things album. So good!

FIVE. We’re thinking about getting Ava a bigger bed. She’s in a toddler bed still, using her crib mattress. I think she might like more room and I would have room to lay on the bed and read to her. I just can’t decide if we should do a twin bed or a full. This is one we’re looking at and I love this bedding from Target.

Happy Friday friends!


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