Friday Favorites Starts With Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

ONE.  I wanted to share a few stocking stuffer ideas because I LOVE stockings!





TWO. I decided to highlight my hair this week and I love it! 

THREE. If you’re looking for a new show to binge watch on Amazon Prime that has some adult humor then I highly recommend watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It’s awesome! It definitely has some adult humor and content so just a heads up! 

FOUR. We first said we were going to do Elf on the shelf, then said we weren’t and well now we are! Ava doesn’t really “believe” in the elf just yet. She says it’s just pretend and Daddy moves her, but we’ve been having fun with it anyhow and she gets excited to see where she moved to every morning. We’ve kept it very simple. 

FIVE. If you’re looking to truly declutter your home and keep it decluttered then I HIGHLY recommend reading this book from Marie Kondo. It’s so good! I like how she says you should keep things that you truly love and that bring you joy instead of things just because. 

SIX. Last night, I had a girls night out with some friends I met at Church. I met some friends while taking the Financial Peace University Class at our Church, which then led to meeting more new friends! We got together for, “Deck the Halls with Protein Balls”, and made some delicious protein balls. So thankful for these ladies. God is so good! 


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