Friday Favorites Starts With The BEST Baby Nail Trimmer and the Birthday Girl!

Today, I’m sharing the BEST baby nail trimmer and file and celebrating the sweet birthday girl! 

ONE. Today, Ava turns 3 years old! In the past few days she has said some of the funniest and cutest things. She has kept her daddy and I laughing. This morning her and I were cuddling on the couch while she watched Daniel the Tiger on her tablet and a moment happened where she turned off her tablet and just hugged my neck. I enjoyed the snuggles and quiet moment with her and prayed over her. I thanked God for this wonderful and amazing child, and asked that he help me to let go of the past and to focus on the blessings right in front of me each and every day. I prayed that he help me soak up the little moments that we often miss and to find happiness and joy in the loved ones around me. Happy Birthday my sweet girl! Three is going to be so much fun! 

TWO. I mentioned this baby nail trimmer in Zoey’s 3 month update and I have to mention it again because its the best! I use to hate trimming Zoey’s nails. Somehow, no matter how I did it I would always end up cutting them too short or making her cry. It was the worst. Then my sister sent us this little gadget and it’s been life changing! Zoey loves it and I don’t have to worry anymore about accidentally cutting her skin or cutting her nails too short. It’s very gentle on her nails. Ava loves it too! Oh, and it have different pads depending on their age. You can also buy replacement pads.   baby-nail-trimmer-tools

THREE. I picked up this Knorr’s one skillet meal starter at my grocery haul to Walmart this week and we loved it! It was a super simple and easy dinner to make. They have a variety of different recipes to choose from. knorrs-one-skillet-meals

FOUR. I also found this creamer at Walmart. This has become my absolute FAVORITE creamer! Seriously! It makes drinking decaf coffee ten times better! It was a great price too! I think I paid $3.48 for it.natural-creamers

FIVE. SOOOOOOOO for my friends getting that fall itch (you know who you are). I know, I know its so early and not even September BUT I wanted to share these two super easy pumpkin bread recipes that you will love! I highly recommend pinning these for later, when fall really starts. Or heck, go ahead and make them now! I won’t tell anyone! The first one is my two ingredient pumpkin bread. So good and simple! The second one is another huge favorite, my pumpkin pull apart bread.  


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