Friday Favorites Starts with The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow | 1.24.20

This week I’m sharing two super easy plants to grow in your home, mental health, a new Walmart find, the best place for strawberry milkshakes and more…

ONE. ZZ Plant and A Snake Plant. Before I became a collector of plants I swore I had the biggest black thumb, but I learned that it’s all about finding the right plant. Even still I struggle with plants sometimes. I always seem to struggle with over watering or not watering enough. So today I bring you the two easiest plants to grow!!!

  • ZZ Plant– I purchased this plant for $5 at Walmart when it was smaller and it has grown like crazy. I bought my mom one and hers has done the same. I water mine maybe once every two weeks and it seems to be doing great. It’s also been in a room with not a lot of light and then one that had a lot of light so it’s pretty much happy wherever.
  • Snake Plant– this is a SUPER easy plant! I was at a plant nursery one time and the owner said you can basically grow this plant in a dark closet and it would still be fine. It likes all conditions. You can find them at Walmart for $11-$12 for a large one. You can also find them at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

TWO. New BLOG SERIES. This week I started a new series on the blog called Sunday Notes. It’s basically my bulleted notes on the pastor’s message in church on Sunday. You can find the first post here.

THREE. Mental Health Lessons. This week I had to teach a lesson to all of my 6th grade students on mental health, specifically depression and suicide. When I first learned about the requirement I was upset and super uncomfortable. I didn’t think I was qualified to teach something like this to nearly 100 middle school students or any number of students. But our district provided us with the lesson plans, some tips and basically exactly what we needed to say.

On my way to work that day my mindset totally changed about the situation. Instead of thinking I HAD to do this I told myself that I GET to teach students about mental health. I GET to teach them how to help themselves and their friends who are struggling with mental health, and just maybe this lesson could save a life. Teaching this lesson all day 6 different times (6 class periods) definitely made for an intense day, but I left feeling like just maybe I made a difference in a child’s life.

FOUR. Walmart Find. I picked up these frozen southern style chicken nuggets during this week’s Walmart Grocery Pick Up. We ate them tonight for dinner. For frozen chicken nuggets they were pretty good. We cooked them in the air fryer. The package also gives instructions for cooking them in the air fryer which I love.

FIVE. POUCHES. I purchased some more reusable pouches from Amazon for the girls. I stopped using them for a while, but started back this week and the girls have been crazy about them! We fill the pouches with unsweetened apple sauce and some with plain whole fat yogurt. It’s hard to find plain whole fat yogurt in pouches in stores so these work great. I also bought ALL THE SAME COLOR so there is no arguing!

SIX. Saturday Adventures. Last weekend, we made a visit to Parksdale Market in Plant City to grab some strawberry milkshakes and strawberry shortcake. They’re starting to get into their busy season so we made sure to get there early in the day!

That’s it for this week friends. Have a great weekend!

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