Friday Favorites Starts with Top Recommended Christmas Books for Kids


ONE. I’ve been researching for Children Christmas books and here are some of the top recommended books. Usually the daycare does a book exchange every year so I think I might get one of these for the exchange. Another great idea is to give your child, grandchild, niece or nephew a new Christmas book every year for Christmas. Make sure to date and sign the inside cover with a little note from you.

TWO. We recently learned that one of Ava’s Christmas gifts won’t be arriving in time for Christmas. Thankfully, the shop owner gave us the option of canceling our order. After thinking about it, we decided that the item wasn’t something she really needed. So now, we’re thinking about getting her this art table. She LOVES arts and crafts and playing with play dough. I love how she can stand around this table and the storage it has.

THREE. We purchased this organic baby paper and this toy block for Zoey for Christmas. I LOVE this paper. It’s small enough for her to easily hold on to, it crinkles, and it’s safe for babies. I’m also very happy with the toy block. If you’re needing any gift ideas for babies 6+ Months definitely make sure to check out this post.

FOUR. This week I had our girls’ teachers fill out my teacher survey printable. I usually give these at the beginning of the year but totally dropped the ball this year. Anyhow, I’ve loved getting to know their teachers a little better. My favorite question is, “What school supplies do you buy on your own?” These are usually things they don’t put on the school supplies list. It’s not to late to give one to your child’s teacher. You can find the printable here.

FIVE. Our tree collar arrived in the mail and I couldn’t be HAPPIER! After doing a lot of searching for a tree collar and one I really liked, we decided to go with Balsam Hill. We purchased ours during a black Friday sale and this tree collar is 100% worth every penny. The quality is excellent and it will last us many years to come.

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