Friday Favorites Starts With Vitamins and Supplements to Prevent Sickness | 8. 30. 19

Happy Friday (a day late)! I wanted to have this Friday Favorites posted yesterday, but with prepping for hurricane Dorian, AND all of us trying to fight off colds, I just didn’t get around to it. Anyhow, here it is!

ONE. STAYING WELL. When Ava was really sick this summer a friend of mine recommend that I take this Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C supplement to prevent my husband and I from getting sick and it worked so well! I take it when I start to feel symptoms come on (like this week) or when people around me are sick. You can take it up to three times a day.  They’re kind of pricey but totally worth it. They saved both my husband and I visits to the doctor’s office with a $50 co-pay plus $ for prescriptions. To me, they’ve paid off. We also take these elderberry gummy vitamins

TWO. ALL BIRDS SHOES: I’ve shared about All Birds Shoes before but I want to share these flats. They are super comfy and machine washable! This dress from J.Crew is also one of my favorites! I love the quality and fit of this dress! 

THREE. CIRKUL WATER BOTTLE: My husband surprised me with this water bottle to encourage me to drink more water and it has helped so much! I love it! CIRKUL is a monthly subscription. Every month you get to pick what type of cartridges you want for your water bottle. You had the cartridge for different flavoring, and then pick which level of flavor strength you want. I hope that makes sense. So basically a 10 is super flavored, 5 is half way and 1 is the least or you can pick to have it just on water. It’s like having the option of flavored water using a reusable water bottle. 

FOUR. STUFFED. If you live locally in Lakeland I highly recommend giving STUFFED a try. Last week we ordered one of her homemade chicken pot pies and she personally delivered it to my work on Wednesday. We cooked it for dinner that night and it was so good! It was even better leftover for lunch the next day. The homemade crust is absolutely delicious! 

FIVE. HAIR ACCESSORIES – I’ve joined the hair scrunchie trend and found this pack of 25 rabbit ear scrunchies on Amazon for $12! Ava and I have loved them! 

SIX. I purchased these shoes from Target right before school started and I LOVE them! They’re super comfy and great for work.

SEVEN. I moved my fiddle leaf fig tree outside and it already has 5 NEW LEAVES!!! I’ve had this thing since Mother’s day and it hasn’t had one new leaf until now. I’m so excited! (I found the fiddle leaf for $15 at Lowes and the planter at T.J. Maxx last year.)

EIGHT. My parents purchased a pair of these super cute loafers for Ava. They come in several different colors and only $13!

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend and stay safe! Praying for those in the path of hurricane Dorian.

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