How I Treat Myself with Oikos Oh!

The post is sponsored by the NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt but the content and opinions expressed are my own.

As working mom with two little girls constantly on the go, I look forward to the little moments of peace and quiet to myself. The moments of stillness and relaxation. The moments of being able to indulge and eat that one thing you’ve been waiting to eat by yourself, without having to share.


They usually occur before the girls get home from daycare, nap time, early mornings (4:30am early), or late in the evening. With house chores and the run and go of every day life, these moments don’t last long, so I like to soak up every minute I can. These times usually include me getting cozy on the couch (sometimes in the pitch darkness) and indulging in a sweet decadence.

My current favorite indulgence is, the NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt. This new yogurt is heavenly! Imagine a super creamy yogurt with a hyper indulgent Salt-Dusted Caramel flavored Crème sauce at the bottom. Amazing right? I’m pretty sure it had me at double cream and salt-dusted.

I’ve also tried the Lemon Sweet Cream delight. Oh! My goodness it’s absolutely delicious. It reminds me of a lemon cream pie!

NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt elevates my “me time” moments and takes them from ordinary to extraordinary.

They come in four different flavors.

  • Salted-Dusted Caramel Creme
  • Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb
  • Lemon Sweet Cream Delight
  • Honey Drizzled Blueberry

You can find NEW @Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt at a store near you.

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Which one do you want to try first?


  1. Ginger
    March 11, 2019 / 11:50 pm

    Blueberry is my all time favorite! I will try this one first and then the lemon😀😀🤗 thanks Anna

  2. March 12, 2019 / 2:55 pm

    Yummm! They both look delicious!

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