Journey to Minimalism Part 2: Where I Started.

I mentioned in Part 1 of this series my WHY for starting this minimalism journey. After, my husband and I decided this is what we wanted it was time to begin.

Being Realistic

It was spring of 2018 and I just had our second daughter Zoey. I was on maternity leave, and although I was home and not working I was still taking care of a newborn baby. My time was limited and so was my energy, so I decided to take things one “space” at a time. I decided IF I had time and the energy I would declutter one “space” a day. To me that seemed doable and less overwhelming.

My Biggest Problem Areas

The Kitchen:

I wanted to start with the space that caused me the most frustration. The KITCHEN. We have a pretty big kitchen with lots of storage space yet I felt like everything was busting at the seams. My drawers were overflowing, and the cabinets were stuffed from top to bottom. I believe when we moved into our home I saw all of the cabinet space we had and felt like I had to fill it. So I did.

I HATED unloading the dishwasher because it was tough trying to find a spot to fit everything. Most weeks we lived out of the dishwasher.

It was the same for putting the groceries away. A lot of times I just tossed everything on the shelves and closed the pantry. That explains why I had several bottles of Frank’s Redhot and 203805384 bottles of salad dressing.

Anyhow, I started in the kitchen and decluttered and organized one cabinet a day. Some days I had time for two cabinets and eventually I was done. Although, I feel like I could easily go through my cabinets again and find some things I could get rid of.

The Closet

After the kitchen I moved on to my closet. The second area that caused me the most trouble. I hated putting clothes away because I could never find room.

Decluttering my wardrobe has definitely taken me the longest. I’ve decluttered it over and over again. It took me a little longer to really see what brought me joy and what didn’t. It also took me longer to let go of things in this category.

I kept asking myself, “What if this comes back in style? What if I lose weight to fit in these jeans?” Finally, I just said NO and got rid of it.

I did the same thing with my closet as I did our kitchen. I took one area a day. One drawer a day and if time allowed for more then I did more. This method might not be ideal for some, but it’s what worked for us at the time with a newborn. I was desperate to get started so I did whatever I could. About 20 garbage bags later I finally finished and it feels so good!

How to Decide What Stays and What Goes.

At the very beginning of this minimalist journey I decided to keep things based on these three things… 1.) Did I use it within the last year? 2.) Could I see myself using it in the near future? 3.) Could I replace it if needed?

I don’t really recommend this because I found myself justifying keeping more than I needed.

I LOVE using Marie Kondo’s method and HIGHLY recommend it. I discovered her a few months into our journey and read her book. She says to pick each item up and ask yourself if it sparks JOY. If not, then it needs to go.

Now, a lot of people pick fun and talk about everything they own bringing them joy, but if you’re truly honest with yourself and the process, you might find that there are many things in your home that DON’T bring you joy.

My BEST Advice

  • Just get STARTED! Whether you do it all in one day, one weekend or take one drawer at a time, JUST. GET. STARTED. Do what works best for you. Just start somewhere.
  • Pick up each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t bring you joy then get rid of it.

Coming up Next in This Series…

Next week, I’m going to talk about selling items you want to get rid of and tips to rocking the Facebook Marketplace. I’m going to share how I made over $1,000 selling furniture, toys, and home decor on the Marketplace.

Is there something you would like for me to share in this series? Are there any questions you have about our journey? I will be more than happy to answer them!

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