Little Tikes Plastic Playhouse Remodel


Last weekend, I got this wild hair to remodel a Little Tikes playhouse that Ava bought on the Facebook Marketplace. {Keep scrolling to see the BEFORE picture.}

Facebook Marketplace For the Win!

That’s right, AVA bought the playhouse. Well, I did the searching and she made the final decision. Her biggest concern was if the ding bell (door bell) worked, because she wasn’t buying it if the ding bell didn’t work!

Before buying the house, Ava sold her KidKraft kitchen. It was a bitter sweet moment for me. This was the first big gift we put together as “Santa”. I have many awesome memories of her playing with this kitchen, but recently she hadn’t really shown interest in it. Instead, she had been talking about a playhouse.

So one morning last week, I asked Ava if she wanted to sell her kitchen and she said yes! A few hours later her kitchen was sold on the Facebook Marketplace, and later that day she bought a house!

Where the Idea to Paint a Plastic Playhouse Came From

I blame this crazy idea on Instagram. A wonderful momma that I follow on IG shared a picture of the house she remodeled for her daughter and I fell in love!

From there she directed me to the Lolly Jane Blog. I used their tips and adapted it to what worked for us. I knew Ava had been wanting a playhouse for inside, so I gave this a try and I’m so glad I did!

Fixing up the Little Tikes Playhouse

We used the leftover money to buy some (a lot) of spray paint to paint this darn house!

The number 4 represents how old Ava will be in August. We added a flag for the mailbox. Ava requested a pink door and I found the mini wreath for $3 in the Target dollar spot.

I purchased a cast iron dinner bell from Amazon! Yep! CAST IRON! Not sure, what I was thinking there but it’s so cute! It’s not too loud though.

Little Tikes Playhouse Remodel Reveal

My husband and I put the house together and styled it while the girls were away. We surprised them when they got home and the joy and excitement on their faces was priceless.

Ava had this HUGE expression of PURE GRATITUDE and it was the best! She couldn’t believe we did this for her.


How to Paint a Plastic Playhouse


Steps to Paint a Plastic Playhouse

  1. CLEAN HOUSE – Take house apart and clean thoroughly with an all purpose cleaner. The girls were helping me so I used a mixture of thieves oil and water with some paper towels. You might want to use a hose, depending on how your used house looks.
  2. LET PLAYHOUSE DRY – After cleaning the house let it dry completely.
  3. SPRAY PAINT HOUSE – Spray the house with colors of your choice. The base of the house took several coats. I didn’t prime the house, which maybe I should have. I just didn’t have the patience for that many coats. Instead, I bought spray paint that had primer in it. My paint job isn’t perfect and the white part of the house could have used a coat of primer first but I like (LOVE) it. I sprayed several coats of paint on the door and the mailbox because I know those are areas that will have the most wear.
  4. SEAL SPRAY PAINT– I highly recommend this! This made a big difference!
  5. PUT HOUSE BACK TOGETHER – In between step 1 and 5 there were a few trips back to Lowe’s to get some things we needed, but that’s just part of it. Hopefully, this materials list can help prevent you from having to do that.

Products Used to Style the Playhouse

It’s actually quite amazing what paint and a few plants can do to a place!

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