Marco Island Weekend Rewind |07-09-18

7516834816_IMG_6529 2Well our first beach weekend as a family of four was a success!

On Friday, we headed down to Marco Island for the weekend. Ava was so excited to head to the beach. During our 3 hour drive she must have said at least 84 times, “Momma I wanna go to the BEACH!” I’ve learned that teaching toddlers the concept of time is so hard.

We arrived at the house Friday evening and hung out by the pool. My in-laws and niece were there too.

Ava is usually super scared and hesitant of getting into a pool but this night she made it in but only on her terms. Haha.

7516834816_IMG_6474 The next morning we got up early, like 5:00am early (thanks to the toddler) and got ready to head to the beach. We actually spent the morning at this little lagoon they had down the road from the house. When we arrived we were the only ones there. It was perfect!

First, Joey refused to take a beach cart but I insisted that with a toddler and baby in tow a beach cart is a must. Haha…I told him the cart officially makes him a beach dad!

IMG_0835IMG_08567516834816_IMG_65037516834816_IMG_65267516834816_IMG_6507IMG_0858IMG_0868IMG_0843We spent a few hours at the beach and then headed in. We grabbed some lunch and then Zoey and I hung out by the pool and hot tub at the house while Joey and Ava napped. We ended our evening with a delicious steak dinner. It was such a wonderful time. 7516834816_IMG_6510This house we stayed at had everything we needed for the beach (thank goodness). We’re headed back to the beach at the end of this month, so tell me what is a MUST HAVE for the beach with a toddler and infant? I want to hear all your tips and tricks!



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