Mother’s Day Weekend Rewind 2018

IMG_8339 2Mother’s Day weekend was just perfect!

I’ve still been recovering from Zoey’s delivery and working on getting my blood pressures under control so we stayed close to home this year for Mother’s Day.

IMG_8349Saturday morning we decided to take Ava to a place a trampoline place close to our house called 2Infinity. On Saturday mornings from 9:00am-10:00am they have a kids only jump time. She had a BLAST!!! IMG_8258IMG_8263IMG_8268I’m pretty sure jumping wore everyone out except the toddler. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and ordered Red Lobster take out for dinner.

IMG_8280On Saturday, Nana came over for a delicious steak lunch cooked by Joey and Ava. IMG_8364IMG_8373Later that day we painted and well…this was the results. Haha..let them paint they said, let them be creative they said. IMG_8301IMG_8308And that’s a wrap on this year’s Mother’s Day! How was your day?

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