Papa Strazi’s 4th of July Cookout | 2018

This weekend we headed to Orlando for my Dad’s annual 4th of July Cookout.

The girls and I headed that way Friday morning with a stop at Target. I told Ava she could get one thing from the Target dollar spot. It was so much fun watching her shop. 

Thankfully, there was no traffic on our way to Orlando, which is HUGE for heading to Orlando any day, let alone the weekend before the 4th of July. Joey had to work so he met us there on Saturday morning.

My Dad’s cookout is pretty intense. He starts prepping his meat the day before with his homemade rub and then him and my brother stay up the whole night and into the next day smoking all of the meat. This year the menu included ribs, pulled pork, pork tenderloins, chicken and brisket. The fixin’s included potato casserole, sweet and sour coleslaw, corn on the cob, baked beans, and my Mom’s cream cheese pound cake. It was all lip smackin’ good! Needless to say, all of the children know to bring home their coolers and to-go containers.

Everyone came home for the cookout including all four grand babies. It was a packed house filled with lots of love, laughter, swimming, stinky diapers, sippy cup refills, great food and good company. It was perfect!


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