Why We Send Our Daughter to Daycare

Why we Send Our Daughter to Daycare

Well the number one reason we send our daughter to daycare is we don’t really have a choice. My husband and I both work and we don’t have anyone to watch her other than daycare. So with that being said here are some positives to having our daughter in daycare…

​Why We Send Our Daughter to Daycare…

  1. We get to experience the “first day of school” year after year.
  2. Daycare gives Ava the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of social skills.
  3. We receive an abundance of daycare arts and crafts that we post on our wall at home.
  4. It helps her body become familiar to germs.
  5. We get to dress her up for holiday parties and special themed school days.
  6. We get to make cute holiday treats for her teachers and classmates.
  7. She gets to receive love and affection from others.
  8. Daycare allows us to have some quality “ME” time. During my two week winter break we sent Ava to daycare for a few days even though I was home so I could have some very much needed “ME” time.

Do I wish we didn’t have to write a check to daycare every week? Of course! Do I wish we knew someone who could watch her at their house with just a few other children? I am not really sure about my answer to that one. When she was first born and attending her first daycare I would have answered YES! ABSOLUTELY! However, with the daycare we are at now I would probably say no. Thankfully we were accepted to a new daycare last spring and are extremely lucky to be able to bring her to a Christian Academy that teaches her about Jesus, loves her, takes good care of her, and works with us to make sure our little girl grows and develops to be the best version of her she can be!

What are some things you like about your child’s daycare?


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