Sunday Notes |Why Faith Matters | Vol. 2

This week our pastor continued the series on Why ______matters, and this week it was, Why Faith Matters. Sharing my notes from Sunday’s Message.

“Faith is not a promise that you will get everything you want. It is an invitation to not settle for less than what God has for you.” 

Pastor Andrew Gard

Why Forgiveness Matters

Scripture Exodus 14:10-16

  • We have equated faith with risk. Faith and risk are not as connected as we think.
  • Faith is about obedience!!!
  • In 2020 There are going to be some things that God asks you to lay down, and things that God asks you to take up. 
  • Ask yourself…Could I live the life I have right now without God? 
  • Faith is driving everything.

Life isn’t about going after a good life, but about going after a God life.

Pastor Andrew Gard

Faith Chasers

Often people try to steal our faith. You need to be very mindful who is speaking into your life when you’re in front of a Red Sea and evil is chasing you. Example; troubles in your marriage, challenges at work, trying to achieve big dreams that others find impossible, etc.

Four Types of Faith Chasers that will try to chase the faith right out of you.

  1. Weary words – we often give the “I will wait until.” Don’t let weary words chase the faith out of you.
  2. Our Own Expectations – “it looks different than we thought” 
  3. Time– you pray for something and you thought it would happen at a different time. Sometimes, time leans up against you and tries to chase the faith out of you. 
  4. Actual opposition– the forces of work against us. Anytime we start to get serious about God- boom opposition happens.
  • If it’s not a statement of faith stop speaking it. 
  • Take every thought captive, make it obedient to Christ. 

Everything you feel is real, not everything you feel is true. 

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