The Best Decision I Made as a Working Mom

From the Archives: This post was originally published on March 8, 2017

I have been a teacher for 8 years now. When I was single my job was my life. I stayed late, brought work home, spent hours and hours lesson planning at home, talked about work on my time off,  and buried myself in endless papers on Sundays. It was all that I knew for a while. ​

Then I met my husband and things slowly changed. We got married, and now at this moment in my life work came second. My first priority now was being a wife. I stayed late every now and then, and sometimes brought work home.

About a year after we were married we had our daughter Ava. Today she is 18 months old and my priorities are being a wife and a momma. I was on maternity leave for about 4 months with Ava. Before I went back to work I told myself that, I would leave work at work. This has been the BEST decision I have made as a working mom.

I decided that while at work I would work my tail off, even if that meant having working lunches or less socializing (my weakness). I no longer tell myself, “I’ll just do it at home” or “I’ll grade these papers when everyone goes to sleep.” Some days I stay 30 minutes or so after school to catch up on things but I don’t stay all night.  I leave my work laptop and materials at work and I never check work email at home.

I’m still the hard working teacher I was when I first met my husband and before I became a mother. I still love being a teacher. If anything I am less stressed and more relaxed which is better for everyone! It’s just, when I get in my car and head home my thoughts change from lesson planning to meal planning, house duties, wondering if my daughter had a great day at daycare and praying that my husband stayed safe while at work.

I am very passionate about teaching, but I am even more passionate about being a wife to my amazing husband and a mom to our wonderful daughter. Therefore, leaving work at work has been the best decision I have made as a working mom.


It’s been two years since I’ve written this post and I’ve stayed true to my decision of keeping work at work.

We now have TWO amazing daughters. Ava will be four next Saturday and Zoey is one. This year Ava will be attending pre-k located at my school. I’m so excited to have her with me.

Over the years I’ve done well at keeping work at work. I’ve done well at not bringing home mountains of papers or staying several hours late.

Sometimes I do stay 30 minutes to an hour late to catch up on things.  Especially, during pre-planning week. Some days I will go in early or stay 30 minutes after for parent conferences, but I’ve still stayed true to the decision I made two years ago.

I leave work at work and it’s been amazing!

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