The Story Behind Our Christmas Card…2015

This year I decided to take our own pictures for our Christmas Card. I found a blog from Pinterest that had some “easy” steps to taking your own family photos. I thought great! This is easy enough. However, she forgot a few of the steps and some fine print details. These were the steps.

  • Pick out outfits for the family- check
  • Find some photo poses off Pinterest- check
  • Pick a location- check
  • Pick a photo lab so you have an idea of what template you want to use for your card (we decided to use PhotoAffections for our Christmas Card featured above)- check
  • Use a tripod and a camera with a self timer- check

See that sounds super easy right? That’s what I thought so I followed all of her steps and one weekend we decided to take our pictures at Joey’s parents house. We had our outfits on, poses right, timer set, and it was time for everyone to smile. Say cheese! Well that’s how I hoped it had went, but Ava started screaming to the top of her lungs and I mean screaming! I thought what the heck? This child has never done this before for pictures. Doesn’t she know this is for our Christmas card? This is very important! After several takes, positions, rocking, using the bottle or pacifier and then hiding it right before it was time to smile, making silly faces and sounds, all trying to soothe her and to get her to stop crying. Nothing worked! Joey said it was the bow, I said it wasn’t the bow, she likes bows, because I am bound and determined she will like bows (I am slowly losing that battle). I believe I even had one of those, “Fine we just won’t have a Christmas card this year!”, moments. ¬†After all this, we decided to take a break and try again later that day.

A few hours later she was all calm and settled down. She was back to her happy, smiling self so we decided to give it another try. We got everything set up and we were ready to take the picture. One, two, three, SMILE…and there she went again, just screaming and crying. I couldn’t believe it! At the end of the day we were able to get in one picture without her crying. I could have used it for our Christmas card but I thought the three photos I used showed what life was like at that moment. ¬†Joey is trying so hard to keep his cool and have patience, Ava is screaming, and I am just smiling away thinking no worries it’s ok, everyone smile, we are going to get this dang picture! Of course during that moment it was a stressful chaotic mess, but looking back now we laugh about it and still thank God every day for this life we have. We hope our card brings you as much laughter as it does us. I have added a few extra steps to the “DIY” family photoshoot .


Tips for a DIY Family Photoshoot

  • Decide on a theme or look that you are going for
  • Pick out outfits for the family
  • Find some photo poses off Pinterest (try to incorporate your family’s personality)
  • Pick a location
  • Use a tripod and a camera with a self timer
  • If using pictures for a card make sure to pick a photo lab so you have an idea of what template you want to use for your card
  • Don’t forget to SMILE!



From our family to yours we want to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas,
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanzaa
or what ever holiday you might celebrate and a
Happy New Year!

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