Toddler Gift Ideas: Our Favorite Tried and True Toddler Toys

I wanted to share with you some toddler gift ideas. This is a list of our most favorite tried and true toddler toys. These are toys Ava has had for a while and still loves playing with them! When we declutter our home and toys these are always the ones that stay! Many of these are great for one year olds and older.

ONE. Toys to Build With – Ava loves playing with all of these. She plays with them all the time!

TWO. Pretend Play – These are toys that Ava plays with most and loves in regards to pretend play. 

THREE. Outdoor Play

FOUR. Musical 

FIVE. This year’s wish list…

Here are some things we are looking into getting Ava for Christmas. As we have been on the decluttering journey in our house, we’re trying to keep as much clutter out of the house as we can and really focus on toys that are open ended and provide lots of possibilities for endless play. The ones I have starred are things we’re already purchased.

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