Valentine’s Day Rewind |2.14.19

Early Morning Chaos

Our day started with our usual early morning rise to get everyone ready for the day and out the door by 6:15am.

For breakfast, I heated up some leftover Mc Griddles I bought Ava the day before. I was trying to surprise her but when I reheated them they were hard as a rock.

When Zoey woke she ended up finding a pancake that dropped on the floor and chowed down. Haha..I will have to add Mc Griddles to her 10 month baby update.

Anyhow, Ava opted for a fruit cup instead. I tried to get her to wait until daycare but I didn’t feel like fighting that battle on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say 2 minutes later she was crying because she spilt the juice from the fruit cup all over her shirt and wanted to change. Thank goodness I didn’t buy her the Valentine’s Day outfit I had in my hand at Old Navy.

We rushed the next 15 minutes to get the girls packed to stay at my mother in-laws house for the night, put the stickers on Ava’s skittle Valentines (nothing fancy this year), signed her name, went through my mental checklist, kissed and hugged everyone goodbye, and then got myself ready for work. 

WHEW! That morning was exhausting!

Good Food, Good Company and Good Laughs

Last year for Christmas Joey and I gave each other “experience” gifts. My gift to him was tickets to a comedian we love with two of our best friends and a massage the next day. 

We ate dinner at Osteria in Tampa. If you love Italian food I highly recommend giving their restaurant a try. I had the best homemade pappardelle pasta. 

After dinner we walked over to the Tampa Theater for the comedy show. 

We had such a great time! 

Massages, Sushi and Naps 

On Friday we went to get our massages. I added on the peppermint scalp massage and it was amazing! Right now my sinuses are crazy with all the pollen in the air so the peppermint really helped my headache.

The massage was so nice and relaxing that I decided we NEED this in our lives once a month so we signed up for the membership. After doing the math I decided that cutting back (way back) on my daily coffee trips is 100% worth getting a massage in exchange. The good part is we can cancel at anytime. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

For lunch we had sushi at New Moon (one of our favorites) in South Lakeland. 

Once our bellies were full we came home and took a nap before we picked up the girls.

This Valentine’s Day was definitely one of my favorites!

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