Weekend Rewind. Spring break!

Sharing a little bit about last weekend, spring break, and our mini last minute (super last minute) staycation/babymoon.

Last Sunday, we decided to take Ava to the zoo. We thought she would LOVE it. Haha! Little did we know she was scared of a majority of the animals. She thought they would all bite her. I mean, we did start with the monkeys which are pretty creepy looking. By the time we got her some popcorn and made it to the giraffes, elephants, zebras, and goats she was a happy camper.

This week I was on Spring break for work. I started my spring break with a delicious lunch date with a dear friend of mine. This Greek salad is the BEST salad ever! I’ve had two this week.


I spent the rest of the week relaxing at home and in and out of the doctor’s office for high blood pressure. You can read more about that in my 33 week bump update. Thankfully, my blood pressures are doing good right now. I also did a recipe testing and should have these up on the blog soon!


This weekend, Ava went to stay at her Nona and Papa’s house. Joey and I didn’t realize until Saturday that this was probably the last weekend to ourselves before baby #2 arrives and then who knows when the next time will be.

Saturday morning, we actually slept in until 8:00am! That’s huge for us! We grabbed some breakfast and then headed to Home Depot to find a tree for the nursery.


Later that afternoon, we decided to take a last minute (super last minute) staycation/babymoon to Orlando. My husband told me I had 15 minutes to put on my bathing suit and pack a bag incase we decided to stay the night. Thank goodness I had a swimsuit that fit (barely)!

We ended up staying the night at Universal’s Royal Pacific Resort. We arrived just in time to enjoy their pool, relax, grab a bite to eat at city walk, and enjoy our last night together before picking Ava up on Sunday.


On Sunday, we had lunch at my parent’s house and a little Easter Egg Hunt for Ava.



And that’s a wrap on our weekend!


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