Where I’m at in My Motherhood Journey

One of the things I love about blogging is that it allows me to journal my motherhood journey. I love looking back on past blog post and reading about the seasons of motherhood I have been through. Sometimes I laugh, cry, pat myself on the back, or ask myself, “What were you thinking Anna?”

After Ava’s first birthday I wrote a blog post about what I learned during my first year of motherhood.

As I was lying in bed the other night I thought about where I am now in this journey. Ava is now 20 months old and this is what my current season looks like…

My recent Google search topics include: 

  • How many words should my child know at 20 months?
  • When should you start potty training your child?
  • Flying with a toddler.
  • Bathing suits for moms.
  • Tankini bathing suits for women (I gave up on the whole bikini thing)
  • Quick and easy dinner recipes.
  • Searching Groupons for cheap massages


  • I wrote a blog post here where I talked about how awful it was that the daycare my daughter used to attend used baby powder and warmed her bottle in a microwave. Haha…guess what? We use baby powder on her every once in a while AND we have warmed her bottle in the microwave. The post is even titled, “Sorry, But Not Sorry for Being a Crazy Crunchy Mom.” Haha, although I am still not sorry. I was learning and I still am.
  • I often struggle with balancing house chores and quality time with my family. However this week I did let the dishes soak a little longer, and kept the laundry on the kitchen table for a few extra days. Well, maybe all week.
  • I joined a Women’s group at my church to have somewhat of a social life other than social media and for some fellowship. I went once (still working on that).
  • I still take millions of pictures and videos of Ava. I slacked off a little bit but got right back to it.
  • I call my mom, sister, family, friends and coworkers to ask for help, guidance, or what they did with their child on certain topics.
  • I have learned to pick my battles. Somedays, it’s just best to let Ava play in the pantry and destroy it just so I can have some quiet time and get dinner in the oven. Somedays, I just have to realize the screaming and crying isn’t worth trying to get her to wear the pretty sandals I bought her instead of her crocs.
  • I said I would never be that mom that let her daughter play with her phone. Hahaha! Never say never! It usually happens when I am trying to get ready for work in the mornings, or if I am shopping and I have tried everything else (haha..listen to me trying to justify why I let her play with my phone).
  • Some days I feel like I am winning at this whole mom thing and some days I struggle.
  • Lately, I have been missing my beautiful long hair.
  • I learned this past weekend that traveling with a toddler is A LOT of work. It can be tough.

​Something that I have learned about these seasons of motherhood is that they don’t last forever. Pretty soon this one will pass and I will find myself in the middle of another season with different joys, struggles, curiosities, and happy memories.

What is something your experiencing in your season of motherhood?

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