Why Won’t My Baby…?

“Why won’t my baby…?” I feel like as our children go through different milestones, as parents we often ask ourselves this question.

A few months after Ava turned one I wrote a blog post titled, “Why Won’t My Baby Walk?” I came to the conclusion that she is her own unique being and she will reach her different milestones when she is ready. She is now walking, actually running around everywhere! We get our exercise in everyday just trying to keep up with her.

Now, she is a week shy of being 20 months old and we have reached the time where many toddlers start to learn more and more words each day. According to some research I have done, most toddlers can understand more words than they can say. It’s also a known fact that every toddler learns and develops at their own pace.

Ava has a handful of words that she can say. She understands a lot of words and can point to different things on command such as her head, nose, eyes, toes, etc. I think the word she says the most is Georgia (our dog’s name). We’ve been teaching her sign language and she’s picked up on it very quickly! Often she will sign the word and say it at the same time. Her favorite right now is, “Eat, please.”

She still babbles a lot and her words don’t always come out very clear. Sometimes when we’re out and about we get the usual, “How old is she? Is she talking yet?” I respond with, “She says a few words here and there and babbles a lot” They usually respond with something along the lines of, “Oh, don’t worry she’ll start talking soon and won’t stop,” or “My friend has a baby and after they turned two they really started to talk.” The funny thing is I’m not really worried about it. I have learned that she will talk and make sentences when she’s ready. As parents we will continue to read to her, talk to her and ask her questions. We will introduce new words to her everyday, and when the time is right and when she is ready she will put it all together. Until then I am going to do what my Dad suggested on my last post. I am going to stay the course and let her grow at her own pace. I am going to enjoy these little moments right in front of me.

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