Why Won’t My Baby Walk?

Why Won't My Baby Walk

I have been a little hesitant about writing this post. This is a side of motherhood that I don’t really like sharing with the world. The side that every mother has whether we choose to admit it or not.

​Our daughter is 14 months old now and she isn’t fully walking on her own. She started trying to walk around 12 months. At that time she would walk along the furniture or walk for a little bit while holding on to our hands. Now she is at a point were she will take quite a few steps on her own but then she falls down and just starts crawling.

I was doing really good for awhile about not comparing her to other children. At one point I even praised myself for not worrying about it. I told myself I wasn’t going to be one of those Mamas that compares their child to others (Haha,yea right! Who was I kidding?). I just kept telling myself she will walk when she is ready, but then Halloween happened.


​My social media feeds were overflowing with the cutest little babies and toddlers trick-or-treating in their precious costumes. Many toddlers around Ava’s age were walking door to door.

This year we didn’t dress Ava up for Halloween or trick-or-treat with her. It’s just not something we wanted to do this year considering she is so young and not really walking. She was so tired from daycare that she was sound asleep in her crib by 6:30pm. She didn’t even make it to see the trick-or-treaters.

As the night went on I scrolled through my social media feeds more and more. I began to compare Ava to all the other toddlers. I started to ask myself why wasn’t she walking on her own and began to feel sad. Someone told me that it’s because we hold her too much, but the truth is we don’t really hold her much at all. She prefers to crawl around on the floor and run wild. I think she just isn’t ready to walk. I believe she will walk when she is ready and when the time is right for her.


Comparison can be the devil sometimes and the thief of joy. I only let these thoughts and feelings hang around for a short time. Then I began to pray about it and called on the Lord. I asked him to take away these crazy thoughts and to bring me peace. I asked him to remind me that Ava was fearfully and wonderfully made by him, our Almighty King. There is no other child out there like her.

So why won’t my baby walk? The answer is simple. She is her own special and unique being. She will walk when she is ready.


​Do you find yourself ever comparing your children to others? How do you handle it?

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