Zoey: Nine Months Old

Holy cow, time is going by so fast! I seriously can’t believe how fast time is going by. I blinked and all of sudden Zoey is nine months old! I totally dropped the ball on her 7th and 8th month update but I’m here for the 9th!

I will give a little short update for 7 and 8 months…


  • Started sitting up on her own and became interested in crawling.
  • Started first foods – scrambled and hard boiled eggs, and sweet potatoes.
  • Sleeping in her crib in her room and woke up throughout the night two to three times wanting her pacifier.


  • Started crawling.
  • Continued with foods and introduced sweet peas, carrots, rice rusks, and puffs.
  • Had croup twice in one month.


Milestones: Pulling herself up, crawling very fast, and crawling up onto things such as the dishwasher door, Ava’s kitchen stool, and Ava’s bed. She’s able to pick up her food (and everything she’s NOT supposed to eat) and eat it, babbles and sometimes sounds like she’s saying, “Mmuuummmaa” which to me means Momma! Haha.

Weight: 18 lbs

Sleep: Sleeping in her crib and if she’s not sick she usually sleeps through the night. She’s a belly sleeper these days. Zoey doesn’t nap well at daycare so she goes to bed between 6:00-6:30pm, but we also have to wake her up around 6:00am to leave for daycare by 6:15ish.

I’m doing much better with her sleeping in her crib. I mentioned more in her 6 month update about me struggling with the transition of putting her in her crib.

Food: 6 ounce bottle of formula 4x a day. A serving of fruit in the mid AM and a vegetable in the mid PM. Rice Rusk and Puffs to snack on when she gets home from daycare to keep her happy while we cook dinner.

Diapers: Size 3

Clothing: 9 to 12 months

Behavior: A very happy baby, but hates it when she can’t see someone in the room. She LOVES her daycare teachers and she cries when they leave the room to go home. She’s still working on getting use to the teacher that takes over in the afternoons. She loves to dance which is probably one of my favorite things and is such a dramatic eater.

Zoey is getting into EVERYTHING at home! The other weekend I opened the pack-in-play and put her in it to give me a break. She loves to pull hair, especially her sister’s long hair and her daddy’s beard.

We are constantly pulling her away from chewing on computer cords and getting into my potted plants. She loves to sneak under the kitchen table and eat food Ava has dropped on the floor. So far she’s had a french fry and a Cheeto. She liked both.

Health: Her hemangioma is going down in size which is great news! She often gets the “daycare drip” but Zyrtec seems to clear it up pretty well.

Loves: Zoey LOVES her big sister so much! She loves seeing and getting into everything Ava is doing. Zoey also loves, bathes, being tickled and walks in the stroller. Also, loves chasing our Roomba vacuum around the house.

Dislikes: Diaper changes and changing her clothes. She cries every time. We have to keep her occupied during her diaper changes. Zoey also dislikes anything on her head, so no bows or head wraps unless I have her preoccupied for a few seconds to get a picture.

Favorites: Beat Bo (literally obsessed with this thing) // B. Toys Squeeze Toys // What’s Inside the Sea Soft Baby Book with Rattle // Babyganics Teething Gel Pods // Baby Nail Trimmer FileĀ 

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