Zoey: Three Months Old

7533306816_IMG_7481Happy three months sweet girl! As everyone is going back to school this week I am reminded of how lucky I am to stay home with this sweet little one. I have a little more time with her and then I will be returning to work in October (so sad). 7592007920_IMG_74517533302064_IMG_7452Weight: Between 12 to 13 lbs

Sleep: Baby girl is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! She usually goes to bed between 8:00pm – 9:00 pm and then usually wakes up around 8:00am. Some mornings she’s been sleeping until 9:00am, if Ava doesn’t get to her and disturb her.

Where Does She Sleep: She is still sleeping in our room in the pack n’ play. We did have to drop the swaddle because she was getting a little rowdy in her swaddle at night and started to roll to her side. Right now, we still use the swaddle for warmth but she sleeps with both arms out.

Food: Formula 4 ounces every 3 hours or so (except through the night), sometimes during her first morning feed or last night time feed she will take 6 ounces.

Diapers: Size 1 (about to move to Size 2)

Clothing: 0-3 months, almost ready for 3-6 months

Behavior: Zoey is such a smiley and happy baby! She loves to give what I call little snuggle kisses with her mouth wide open. I’m sure she’s not actually “kissing” but I like to pretend. I bring her in close to me and she opens her mouth and grabs onto my face. It’s the sweetest. She does have about an hour or so in night (usually between 7pm – 8pm) where she has bad gas and is just uncomfortable and a little fussy.

She’s starting to grab onto things and bring them towards her mouth or play with them. She likes tummy time but always rolls over. Trying to figure out how to keep her on her belly.

Loves: Playing with Ava and looking at her sister. Zoey LOVES to watch Ava dance around and be silly. She smiles and just stares and looks at her ALL THE TIME. It’s the cutest. She also loves bath time, playing on her play gym, the boppy lounger, sitting up in her floor seat, and loves to be held so she can sit up.

Dislikes: Still doesn’t care for the rock n’ play or mommy to cut her fingernails. Last time, I accidentally took a chunk out of her thumb. It was AWFUL!!! So now, Daddy is back to doing her nails and uses this awesome little gadget that my sister got us.

Favorite Things: Boppy Lounger // Play Gym // Baby Nail Trimmer File // Sit Me Up Floor Seat // Stroller Fan

Do They Look Alike? Here’s a picture of Zoey and Ava both at three months old. Zoey is on top and Ava’s on the bottom. What do you think? Do they look alike?0D5DA846-EAA5-498A-AE46-64A213586F07C5B96183-1840-4867-841E-6CBF1896332E


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