Zoey’s Infantile Hemangioma Update: One Year Later


When Zoey was two weeks old we discovered a small blueish lump on her chest with a tiny red spot above the skin. All I could think of was the word tumor. After taking her to the doctor as soon as possible to be examined, we learned that she has an infantile hemangioma. 

You can read more about the whole experience and what an infantile hemangioma is here. 

Below is what her hemangioma looked like when she was 2 months old.


Today, I am happy to say that her hemangioma has actually gone down in size and is slowly getting smaller. 

Her hemangioma doesn’t cause her any pain or discomfort. 


I remember our pediatrician explaining to me that there was a chance her hemangioma could get the size of a softball. She also mentioned that there was a chance she could have more hemangiomas appear in different places on her body.


We are truly blessed that her one and only hemangioma stayed small in size and hasn’t caused her any complications. According to her doctors, her hemangioma won’t get any bigger and will actually continue to decrease in size.

You can read about why we chose not to put her on medicine for it here.

Do you or someone you know have a hemangioma? 

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